Features and Products Planned

I am really impressed till now for what all things you have rolled out and contemplating to move my major portion of trading/investments here, however, I need to know whether the following things are planned in your scheme and in the pipeline to be released in next 3-6 months or not:

  1. API access
  2. GTT orders
  3. Pledging (with no interest and pledging charges)

Believe me, I have tried multiple brokers and they lack on some front on other and I have to move from one broker to another, hence this time, I want to be sure before I move in !


Hey @Saurabh :wave:

We are glad that you are liking the Dhan experience, really motivating for us. :innocent:

For your queries -

  1. API - we are working on this and it will be available to you shortly.
  2. GTT Orders - Just select the stock you want to buy and place a ‘Forever Order’ for it. The order will be sent to exchange once triggered price is reached.
  3. Pledging - As of now, we do not provide pledging.
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Thanks for the update. First two are fine.
The third one is little tricky and tell you why.
I pledge (some part of it) my investment portfolio and use it as margin to do Trading. This helps me to unlock value from my investments.
Request you to look into this.


@Saurabh we will definitely look into this.

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Just following up to know if you have any concrete plans for the requested feature.
BTW, you are doing good by rolling out other features !
Kudos !

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Thanks Saurabh :slight_smile:
For API access, please write to api@dhan.co and we shall evaluate your requirement.

Hi @Saurabh ,

We are happy to announce that we have launched DhanHQ: Superfast Trading & Investing APIs. You were one of our earlier members who had requested for API access and we are sure that you will be loving our Superfast API experience. And for Dhan’s users it’s totally FREE!

Learn more about DhanHQ Superfast Trading & Investing API here.

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This is good stuff !
Thank you so much !

Hi @Saurabh,

We’ve just gone live with our most awaited future “Margin Pledge”. Do check it out here.

We are sure you are enjoying the trading experience on Dhan (App, Web, and TradingView), and pledging is going to make this even better.

Thinking of moving your existing stocks to Dhan, well that is also possible now - simple and 100% digital, read here on transferring your shares to Dhan .

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome. :slightly_smiling_face: