Fix intraday margin pages


i use this page of dhan to know margin requirement before taking intraday trade :

Margin Calculator - Calculate Margin for Delivery & Intraday Trading | Dhan
Issue : try PGIL stock here…if u try 4-5 times(each refresh page then enter stock Pearl Global)
everytime u will get different different results
also intraday margin it showing 2x but actual trade order we do then it is 5x

Please fix these issue urgently


Hi, thanks a lot for highlighting :slight_smile: We are getting it checked.

it is fixed now…thanks for acting so fast

last time fixed but today again facing issue with dhan margin calculator

please test for stock VPRPL (Vishnu Prakash R Punglia Ltd)
it shows 8x intraday but actual when we place intraday order of this stock then app takes 2x only.

please fix issue with this page and let me know when done

Hi this is working correctly, not sure where you were able to see 8X intraday. We offer 5X intraday max leverage for this stock it is 5X and reflecting same on all platforms.

@PravinJ yes now showing 5x for VPRPL…seems fixed for that…
today i was checking other one also
KDDL that margin calculator page shows 4.42x…
but when we place order then 5x is there…

Similary for IRISDOREME (IRIS Business Services) shows 1x but actual order 5x.
some issue with this page…please test ur end

Hi Always refer to the Margins on the app on the Margins screen or on Order placement one. They are always updated and in real-time, are fetched from our Order Management Systems.

Feedback noted on this, we will review.