Forever orders for Selling

@PravinJ @Naman Please add a Forever Sell feature to sell the shares held in portfolio at a given limit price. This will prove very helpful for the ones who have analysed a certain price for a certain stock in a given point of time and don’t have to track daily to exit the equity stock held in portfolio expecting an appreciation.

Noted @dexter, it’s also one of the most requested features from Dhan users. We have plans to introduce this, we are exploring this.

I have waited for many months for this, will it ever come? tell us upfront now, The reason I didn’t closed my account in dhan is because I thought maybe one day they will eventually bring it, but it’s been a long time, so tell me are you really seriously looking into it and should I wait? or else I will close my account.

Hi @Yash0301

Be assured, we are evaluating and looking to start work around this very soon. We will update you here in the community once we are live with that feature.