Get best Bid/Ask instead of LTP

A feature to sort my watchlist using (real-time) best Bid or best Ask rate instead of LTP would be incredibly helpful for super users.

Currently one has to click market depth on each scrip and see what’s the best Ask is. So if the data is already there, I was thinking there should be a way for me to sort a list as mentioned above instead of just using the usual options.

Hi @hardshock (I am assuming here you asked this same question on Reddit as well)

Can you let know how you intend to use this information, and how this will help more users. Just keep on know about this, and if possible what’s the best way this should be represented - bid ask spread is very very dynamic and changes before you could react to it for every liquid stocks - but I get that you want this on an array of stocks.

Feel free to write to us on (if you can share how this should be presented to users).

Hey Pravin, thank you for getting back quickly on this.

As you have rightly told, while the spread is dynamic for liquid stocks, it provides opportunities for some specific use cases including arbitrage and scalping strategies.

Since the data is already available by clicking on market depth, an option could be provided as an easily accessible watchlist setting to sort based on either the LTP or the bid/ask rates.

Wondering if Price Ladder will solve for this use-case, even partially? For scalping, we are collecting feedback from users who have requesting this specific use-case.

Yes, Price Ladder would be of some help in this case. On a tangential note, the “Order Wheel” feature offered by Interactive Brokers is very nifty and helpful for investors at large. In case that is not proprietary, I would suggest to look at it as well.

Hi @hardshock, Noted. Order Wheel, I had discussed with the team but it is too complex to make folks understand it, unless someone is thinking as advanced as you are. You had mentioned earlier this is for your requirement for scalping. Give us some time, something interesting is on your way for this use case.

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Btw, Price Ladder is now live on Dhan mobile app. Keeping you posted.

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Thank you for the prompt responses, agile releases and being extremely receptive of the user feedback.

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