Give us fully integrated experience in tradingview terminal

I am writing this detailed post, please note and consider bringing these features and changes:
First, I think it would be better if we have such order placing window as found in dhan web in dhan’s tradingview, now nothing wrong with the existing one but one draw back is that we cannot place Aftermarket orders from there, The trading-view terminal is not fully integrated and self sufficient , You should make it an independent platform where we can do almost everything we do in dhan web or at-least implement core features, Here is what fyers did,
screenshot 2
and I prefer this over the one found in dhan’s tradingview,
Now some people might like the existing one, and I wouldn’t mind too if we could place after market orders from it and other type of orders.

  1. Just like you’ve added option chain and futures chain in tradingview terminal, I want to you add and make accessible other features such as creating alerts, take a look at fyers
    and how they have made their platform fully integrated

  2. Improve the options chain, in fyers when we hover the cursor over a specific option, the buy/sell and chart button shows up, this thing is missing from dhan’s option chain
    and it should be added, and also see the button to open the chart next to the Spot in the upper left corner, this should also be added, or at-least make it so that when we click on the spot symbol in the upper left corner, the chart thereof should open, Also when the options chain is opened in dhan we cannot interact with the charts and background stuff, this shouldn’t happen we should be able to interact with the chart and other stuff while the option chain is opened

4)If you can also make things like market-depth, time and sales (what you call real time trades in dhan web) and Highs and low available in the tradingview terminal (I don’t use this things much but many others do).
2022-03-06 12.41.03 34c220c78c4f

Also is it possible to have an “Invested” Watchlist in tradinview terminal as we have in dhan web. this will really help one to quickly review his/her positions, we would also be able to keep better track of our investments, we would be able to quickly scroll and sort symbols based on %chg as we do in other watchlists in trading-view.
(@PravinJ @Naman )

And also with this TV order panel, you can’t Change the order type once you place the order.
Previously i was informed them, this TV order panel not handy, please update your custom one.
Still waiting :sweat_smile:

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Hi @Yash0301

  1. We wanted to keep same experience of tradingview as it is, hence earlier we have not changed the order panel. Your request has been noted, evaluate all the possibilities and will figure out solution.

  2. Noted, and many more interesting things to come over and above the list you have shared.

  3. The option chain in TV you see is very first version. We will bring updates and enhance it better.

  4. Similar to point no 2, we are working and committed to bring features which makes our users’ life easy.

  5. Valid request and we also wanted to give this from day1. But as you know there are certain limitations by tradingview library, hence we could not extend it. Still, we will figure out something around this.

Hope this helps.