Group for active Positions

Hello, it would be easy for options traders if you implement the GROUP positions feature in DHAN.

  1. If a user executes multiple legs from a basket it should automatically create a group with the basket name.
  2. Creating a new group and moving the positions into the group with a custom sequence.


Hi @Siddharth

We had thought of this one while building baskets, it isn’t possible even if it is seems simple because,

  1. Positions one has on exchange are at the scrip level, and not basket level. So your two or more positions in a scrip in two baskets are visible to exchange and our risk teams as one single item.
  2. If you partially or fully exit one of the baskets, then exchanges will see it still as open position against that scrip

Additionally we have some more plans to introduce newer offerings on manage positions, to make better trading decisions. At this moment we are just experimenting few possibilities.