Guess the Market - now everyday on Dhan!

Mornings in life need to be stress free, and yes, fun too. Awesome chai, filling breakfast, and some good news to make your day feel good. Hence, we decided to add some fun to your morning routine on Dhan.

Everyone says this, and we kind of agree - it is not possible to time the markets. But no one says you canโ€™t guess. So now you can on Dhan!

Introducing Guess The Markets

You must be already doing this in your mind, even if you are a trader or investor - will NIFTY open up today, or will it open down or is it going to be a flat day. Letโ€™s begin the day with a bit of fun every morning.

Guess the Markets will be available on the Dhan app from 7:00 am to 9:00 am on all trading days. To help you analyse, you will also see the trend for the past 5 trading days. If you think markets are going to show a positive upward trend, choose Positive, if you think markets are going to go down, choose Negative and if you believe there will be no change, Flat is the way.

When the market opens, we obviously show if you were right or wrong about the guess. :slight_smile:

Live now, only on the Dhan app. Have some fun! :fire:

Growth Team


I take this as moving to useless unproductive additions. Some users may be happy. Investing is serious business. Will suggest to focus on more productive tools. See sgx nifty and predict.

Hi @Anita, feedback is noted. The feature is built in a way to not disturb users in market trading hours, also users have the choice to turn it off.

We are super careful to ensure we keep the right balance on every product & feature we bring to Dhan.

Thanks Pravin for your views. I appreciate the focussed approach of Dhan team. Best Wishes.

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If I guessed a flat market opening then how many points up or down is flat ?, and one more thing which index are you considering in this game .?
Because many times Nifty can give a gapdown and banknifty can be 200-300 pts +ve opening