Handy Option Chain

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande @Naman दादा, वेबवर डायरेक्ट चार्टवरून (फायर्स सारखं) ऑपशन्स चेन, Strike Price हाताळता येईल आणि ट्रेड करता येईल ह्याचे अपडेट नक्की कधीपर्यंत अपेक्षित आहेत?

Option Chain on tv.dhan.co is in works, we will be releasing soon. :smiley:

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फायर्सची सवय लागल्यामुळे इकडे ऑपशन्स मध्ये ट्रेडिंग करायला अडचण येते.
लवकरात लवकर करा…

Hi @RahulDeshpande, may I know how the Option chain menu is provided? It would be great if you provide the option on right-click instead of the top menu (Basket, Exit Positions).

Right click option


Hi @Siddharth ,

Noted your request to provide the Option chain on right click instead of the top menu. Will surely explore.


Yes i love the option chain of fyers, and the UI of it is also very good, The thing is dhan simply provides us with tradingview platform without any integrated features, all the basic core features should directly be implemented and should be accessible in dhans tradingview itself like fyers, because most people (including me) came here just because of tradingview charts and the ability to trade from thise charts themselevs, it sucks that we cannot even place all sorts of orders like Amo from tradingview terminal itself and we have to use the app or web, please give us fully integrated experience @RahulDeshpande

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Hey @Yash0301

We are working to bring more integrated and in-house built features on tradingview.dhan.co. Recently we launched Basket Orders & Exit All Positions on tv.dhan.co. There are lot of interesting things on our roadmap to bring.

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Im waiting, but prioritize important stuff like option chain and please bring all types of order on tradingview, and also make it possible to create alerts from tradingview terminal itself, make your tradingview terminal an independent and self sufficient platform, like fyers did it, (not telling you to hecime a carbon copy, but atleast have the basic core features)

@Naman भाऊ तुमची टीम नक्की कोणकोणत्या interesting features वर काम करत आहे आणि upcoming updates कोणकोणते असतील ह्याची लिस्ट देऊ शकता का?
कारण कालच्या अपडेटमध्ये “Forgot about the chat you initiated with our support team? No worries, now you get notified when our team replies” अश्या प्रकारचा अपडेट दिलाय, मला तर नाही वाटत की कोणत्या user ने ह्याची विनंती केली असेल!

आम्ही ट्रेडर लोकं handy options chain, MA-ATR indicator TF, Watchlist arrangement issue, 125Min tf इत्यादींसारखे ट्रेडर लोकांना उपयुक्त अश्या बदलांसाठी मागण्या करतोय तर “Forgot about the chat you initiated with our support team? No worries, now you get notified when our team replies” हे अपडेट देणं खरंच इतकं महत्वाचं आहे का?

तुमच्या रिप्लायची अजूनही वाट बघतोय… :thinking::neutral_face::expressionless:

Hi @nnJhavarePatil

Every week we try to ship something new to Dhan. At times we announce, at times we see how users are adopting it, and we update them accordingly. Even at this moment, we have over 200+ requests from users and we have made note of every single one of them.

We can not share the product roadmap with you. We wanted to keep it internal only.

Thank you for your trust in Dhan.

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@Naman @RahulDeshpande @PravinJ
हे उपलब्ध करुन दिल्याबद्दल धन्यवाद आणि आभार :pray:
परंतु अजूनही पूर्ण क्षमतेने वापरता येत नाहीये, चार्ट / background data access करता येत नाहीये. Strike Prices दिसत नाहीत.
पूर्णपणे कधी वापरता येईल?

The option chain in TV you observed was in a beta version.
We have fixed this issue. You can check it now and share your feedback

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Option Chain Moving But Chart not adjusting

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मी संध्याकाळी 8 च्या सुमारास परत चेक करून पाहिलं होतं पण सकाळी जसं दिसत होतं ते तसंच होतं. सुधारणा काहीच नव्हती.
पण option chain चा बॉक्स open केल्यावर बॅकग्राऊंडमध्ये काहीच काम करता येत नाहीये. म्हणजे चार्ट move करता येत नाही, zoom unzoom करता येत नाही, इत्यादी.

If OC is dialog is opened, it doesn’t allow to select script from watchlist or anything else.

If by mistake I opened specific strike chart, how can I go back to underlying chart?

Default selected expiry date should be the nearest one.

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Hi @amit ,

Right now, we have enabled only to view option chain window, before performing other actions on the chart. Your feedback is valid and noted, we are working on enhancing the options chain experience on tv.dhan.co step by step.

You can access the underlying chart, once you close the options chain window.


Dada, option chain close kelyanantr nahi, option chain suru astana sudhha background access karta ala pahije.

Yes, we are working on it. This was our first version of Options Chain on TV feature, we will be introducing many more such enhancements in coming days.

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