Here's how you can offer gtt on the sell side

You’ve said that tpin authorization is what prevents you from giving gtt or forever order for the sell side, so this thing can be fixed if you give you us an option to manually do the authorization beforehand, as i requested in my last post, users can simply do the authorization manually beforehand in the morning so that the gtt orders will be executed,
I asked you for this feature in my previous post aswell but that was becuase we can only authorize it when we want to sell a holding and this wasted a lot of time and prices also changed quickly before i could sell but this feature can also be used to ensure gtt orders are executed,
You can maybe program your system in a way that it will remind users to do the authorization process if there are any outstanding gtt orders or atleast when the price is close to the trigger price of the order,

I wouldnt mind doing the authorization everyday in the morning and many won’t.
This is the solution which i suggest, I want you to give us gtt order, it is essential for a swing trader like me and many others have also demanded it, and infact many people werent interested in dhan anymore when they learned that it doesnt offer gtt.

Or the best solution is to simply accept Poa.
Please provide us with gtt order by using whichever solution you like. And please work on this feature asap, this should on top of your priority list.

Let me know your thoughts @PravinJ @Naman


Hi @Yash0301

Noted, we have started building the single-tap authorization for TPIN. You will see this shortly.

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Also what do you think of my suggestion of providing a desktop terminal or for now bringing the existing one which i recommended (dartstocks) are you considering it? @PravinJ

I have account with angelone and they provide this feature that i can use authorisation at say 7am and whole day i can sell without any additional authorization.

Still have an option for POA,

We has customer should have right to select whatever we prefer.

Speaking of misusages of authorization of broker, i believe in this fast moving world, you guys should drop the feature of call and trade. Or any sort of order placement via broker without the use of terminal.

Since our id and password is only with us, only the customer can access and place order(assuming you cant see my password and user id. Haha)

This way you as a broker wont have any power to place order for us, and only via terminal (or browser based terminal) only customer can place order thus eliminating the risk of misuses of POA by any employ of broker.


Hi @Yash0301

Every new interface we bring on, it required additional bandwidth on tech / product and so on to manage. We are investing a lot on mobile, app, and API infrastructure but not on desktop terminal aside of things at this moment.

I haven’t seen dartstocks specifically, but terminals which are beyond the exchange provided ones like BSE Bolt / NSE NEAT usually costs 499 to 2499 per month per user license and that costs gets passed on to users and which means, very few are willing to pay that. It’s something like 6,000 to 30,000 per year, super costly for users now. It was justified when brokerage were in % terms and high. That aside, terminal use-case for retail customers is fading across the globe, and we are working now to make Dhan web even better every month.


Hey @Satyam

We are working towards making the EDIS flows seamless, should be up soon.

POA will go from market, we are pretty sure about it. There are risks with that, it gives authority to broker to manage your account. We don’t want to get in that direction in any way :slight_smile:

Nope, we don’t have your account credentials. So no one can see your password :raised_hands:

About Call and Trade, it is a mandatory requirement by regulations that we need to provide the service to our users. While it seems all is moving to tech, broking systems are super complex and if something goes down - in that case Call and Trade is the option that helps users execute the trades. This setup, at our end is directly connected to exchange systems and by-passes our infrastructure just in case there are any downtimes. Hope this helps.

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Any updates on it? it’s been a month, and this feature is really needed @PravinJ @Naman @RahulDeshpande

Hey @Yash0301 - will be up in the coming week.

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