How do I update my KYC in Dhan

Wrong address has been fetched from KRA, I need to update it. How should I do in Dhan ? If I get it updated somehow externally, then will the address be updated automatically in Dhan or again I need to request for the same.
What is the whole process about updating personal details here in Dhan, it seems to be cubersome.

Hi @reetima, if you are existing user of any Stock Broking app or Mutual Fund investing app (or directly with AMC), your details will be fetched directly from the KRA.

Please note that Dhan did not have these details, possibly one of existing investment service provider may have old details. To update in KRA, best is to reach out to the platform who added this. As Dhan is new product, we do not have a online process for updating KYC details in KRA, but we should have this sometime in future.

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Thank you so much for your response. I will get my personal details updated. Can you please answer that, once my details are updated, will they get automatically reflected in DHAN as well or if no, then what needs to be done to update records in Dhan as well as in exchanges/demat/trading A/c.


Yes @reetima, when it is updated in the KRA - do write to us and we will fetch the updated records.