How to disable this intraday feature in my account

I always gets confused while placing orders between normal and intraday, I dnt use intraday margin but my orders gets executed in it as it is the default screen when I opt to buy anything… Can i have my normal trading tab as default one?

Hi @nair1988

Welcome to the Dhan community, Rajesh :smiley:

The default Product Type (Intraday/Delivery/Normal) on order window is based on the product type of the last order executed. If you place a Intraday order and its gets executed, next time the same product type on order window will act as the default one, which obviously you can change as per your trading style.

Additionally, if you’re trading in options you might be aware that now the margin difference for intraday and normal is zero. So the margin applied would be the same for both the order types.