Improved: Web Investing & Trading Experience on Dhan

Hi All,

We know how much you all love Dhan platforms, first through the Dhan mobile app and and later with and Options trader app. Everything we build at Dhan, we ship incrementally. It’s always the first version on day 1, and then it keeps getting better and better and by now you might have experienced that.

We had promised our trading community that we will keep improving our web experience every month, and continuing with that we made many updates on Dhan Web. Some of them are small & big, but many as usual we do not announce as they are best experienced by you.

1. Introducing Forever Orders with OCO on Web

We have recently announced the new Forever Order for Dhan App. And we are now happy to introduce the same to Web. You can now create Forever Orders (similar to GTT - Good Till Trigger) with one-cancel-other facility, where you can place a target (limit order) and stop-loss order together. With this the Forever - OCO is now available for the Futures & Options segment. For more detail on Forever Orders, refer here.

2. Full-Screen Chart Experience

Charts are the most important analytical tool for traders today, and at Dhan we understand this deeply. With real-time price movements, volume, and indicator data at one place, it becomes very easy to find the right trade opportunity timely.

Now with the trade on charts facility on Dhan, traders can not only analyse the markets but also execute their trades on the same screen. One can get orders and positions line on charts and manage things better. Also with the past executions on charts, one can analyse trading behaviour retrospectively.

With these charts features and facility on all the Dhan platforms, traders have to just use only one screen (Yeah, that’s true) during trading hours. We know the value of charts for traders. We have innovated the full screen charts on Dhan Web. Following are the innovations we have come with the charts:

  • End-to-End Chart view on full screen
  • TradingView native Buy-Sell Order Placement experience
  • Place orders from charts with Instant Order Placement Facility
  • Manage Position in Detail on Charts
  • Positions & PnL tracking for particular scrip
  • Live Market Depth
  • Detailed Positions Summary

This has been made for both the chart canvas TradingView and ChartIQ. All the indicators, drawing tools, templates, layout will be the same, as you liked earlier.

3. Now you can Drag & Drop Stocks in your Watchlist

With 10 watchlists and 100 scrips, one can track 1000 scrips together on Dhan. Apart from that Dhan also brings to you two pre-build watchlists - Dhan FnO & Invested Watchlist, one can access all the required instruments and contracts for trading at one place.

With so many stocks on a watchlist, the list gets long and traders often seek to rearrange the order of the stocks. Making this experience better by bringing the drag and drop facility for stocks to the watchlist.

Now, Drag and drop scripts in your watchlist, according to your preferences.

4. Pre-authorise Portfolio for EDIS

We know the process of selling stocks from a portfolio gets cumbersome when the system asks you to enter TPIN and complete the EDIS flow.

While doing this, the best and desired price to sell the stocks is missed. To solve this, we have introduced the option to pre-authorize all the stocks of the portfolio before you actually want to sell.

This was already available in mobile app, now extended to the web as well.

5. Latest Chart-IQ Library on Dhan

At Dhan we always focus to bring to you the latest in trading technology and keep our platforms updated. We have also updated your charting experience on ChartIQ to the latest library that is available.

6. Number of Open Positions & Pending Orders

We believe the small and subtle changes at times adds the maximum value to our users. We have introduced these two small updates - now everytime you have a open position or pending order, you will see that as a notification on Positions & Orders on the Dhan web main menu bar.

It’s simple and non-intrusive, but a the same time keeps you updated and in control of your trades.

Few More Improvements to Web Platform

Apart from the above-mentioned upgrades, there are a few tiny but mighty enhancements we have done both in UI/UX and the backend system. What’s that? We’ll love it if you explore this on your own.

With all these, we have tried to improve your trading experience on Building a product with an unbeatable experience, by listening to your valuable suggestions.

Do let us know your experience We love when you love our features. As always, there is more to come on Dhan.



Great additions. Can we have Day OHLC values in position summary

Referring to this info


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I thought you will look into this (dhan tradingview) issue

Hi @t7support

Great suggestion. We will evaluate the possibility.

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Hi @Pradhan

Our team is on it. We will update you through our communication channels when we fix it.

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The “Mobile App” created by Dhan is an abandonment and the “Web user interface” you created is better than that. One of the advantages of this is that you can get a great experience of trading simultaneously with other jobs. Greetings to anyone who has created this “Web user interface” as a satisfied Dhan user.