In built stock screener

I’ve been using a full time broker since almost >8 years now.
Switched to Dhan for some features like Tradingview access, risk management, GTT orders etc.

Being in job i cant do full time trading hence I am a swing trader…i just wish (if it is at all possible) could you people please try to incorporate a good stock screener in your app. Believe me you would attract a lot of people with it because noone in the industry is doing so. A screener which would suggest Stocks based on different parameters and indicators… By doing so you will ease us by providing good stock suggestion and help us earn better.

A totally independent app based on tradingview platform would be appreciated.

One important request apart from this is the proper display of charges when checking our trade history so that we can easily manage our funds and clearly know where, when and what amount of money was spent on trades.
Just like in the image attached, we can’t see the charges…it would have been a lot better if we would have.


Thanks @Festy for the detailed note and suggestions. Welcome to Dhan and this community.

We recently started Dhan and now are building features and offerings based based on the suggestions and feedback we get from users. Both requests are notes, liked the one you mentioned about in-built stock screen. Very interesting one.

About the one to see all charges, we have a feature called Transaction Estimator, it is on the right side bottom corner of the order placement screen - it shows all details of transactions, including brokerage, taxes, and everything that matters even before your place a order. Post the transaction, the details are in contract notes that are emailed post settlement.

That aside, feedback taken and noted. Will discuss this with team and see how we can improve Dhan for you. Once again, thank you.


Any progress on the in-built Stock Screener Part.?

It’s been 10 months since you got this idea.

@Premaleela We have your feedback & forwarded it to our concern team for further review on the same.

We introduced Live Market Scanners in March 22: Introducing: Live Market Scanners on Dhan. There are already lots of screeners available, and for free. We also integrated with one, mentioned here: Partners Building on Top of Superfast DhanHQ API

Eventually we will add more screeners and scanners to Dhan, for now we focus on improving the core trading experience.

Can we get customized screener? It will be very useful for intraday and swing trading.