Incident Report: 13 April 2023

Quick Update:

Today at 11:10 AM one of connectivity lines with NSE flipped and we had to reset this. We moved traffic from same to another one immediately on detection and broadcast was restored by 11:14 AM.

This was data broadcast, trades / transactions continued to run as normal in this while.

We are having it checked, why this happened!


FYI, Dhan was down after 11:14-11:23/24 AM
In this time, Peoples cant see their position, during the time.
I had a small position during the time, but while market geve a movement, I cant book at the desired Target price, & All 3s Dhan web, Dhan TV & App none of them was working., in just of the time I had to sold the Scrip at market price, but it also executed after 30-40 Sec later from my order place.Also after the order, site was not displaying weather order is placed or not.

It was very pathetic at Dhan, that every time Dhan is getting down during the Market Hour, where user cant trust & have fear to take big position, whether the service of Dhan 'll get down during their positions.

Also - I felt dhan web, in general, was acting sluggish today. So I had to move to an iOS app to manage my positions.

Later, I also did some trades on the kite to check if there was an issue on my side, but things went through swiftly on the kite.

Please remove your not-so-popular features and make your website a bit lighter.