Include % change value in Position tab section

The basis feature is missing in Dhan platform is on position section you just show profit and loss in terms of value the % term value is missing on the position section i will request you to add persentage term also in position section

Hi @Rohitsingh

Think you are comparing screenshot from Portfolio with Positions. It’s quite complex to get a % value here - as margin blocked for intraday / carry forward position can come from cash, collateral, and this changes. Noted the feedback, will evaluate what we can do to make this better.

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Other broker provide % change in intraday plus holding position also
I switch my main account from zerodha to dhan but missing this important features as trader because as trader you needed to always think in terms of percentage
I hope you will make this change soon

Noted. If possible can you share the screenshot of same please for reference? Or you could email us on

yes i will share with you