Incorrect sorting of gainer and loser

Gainer and losers are not properly sorted. Coal India is topmost loser but is way below in the list. Also no option to select index for which I wish see gainer or loser and also the time period

Thanks for highlighting this issue. We will work and figure out exactly what went wrong.
Also please make sure you are using latest version of dhan app, such issues are faced by users using older versions.

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Have you fixed this? I am using latest version No update from your side

Hi @Sandeepc

We have fixed this. Sorting is done on the basis of “change in price”. Let us know it is not reflecting on your end.

PFA Screenshot

Your own screenshot shows sorting is incorrect.


Hi @Naman , Still not fixed. Just a gentle reminder.

@Naman har baar khud se sort karna padta hai top gainer looser list ko percent wise. Live marlet me automatically sort kar ke show karte rahe live stocks aisa kijiye

why is previous days gainers and losers showing as incorrect before the market opening ?

Hi @Shyam_pn, in screenshot you have posted, Adani LTP for y’day is 1363.85, right now at 10:38 when you posted it was > 1500.

Seems you have posted screenshot before market opened. These values are updated only when markets open and live. Before market is opened, old values are flushed out.

Thanks @PravinJ ,But before the market is opened it should show the previous day’s gainers and losers.

We flush this as systems get ready for the trading day.

Ok Thanks. I was comparing with NSE portal.