Information regarding CO/ BO for options Trading on tradingview charts

Hi Naman

It is little confusion arising reading all the discussions on availability of cover order/ bracket orders for index options trading.

Can you clarify the current status for index options trading?
If no then how an we implement OCO using API?
InteractiveBrokers provide this functionality, but their chats are not very user friendly.



Hi @oldbuoy
Bracket Order & Cover Order is not allowed in option trading. The reason being, second leg of both these orders is Stop Loss Market and SLM is not allowed as per the regulation in options without some protection, hence BO/CO not allowed for options trading as of now, but we will figure out something around this soon.

You can implement OCO using our APIs with making simple conditional logic for order legs. You can go through our API documentation here- Introduction - DhanHQ Ver 1.0 / API Document and for SDKs here- DhanHQ API Docs - SDK & Libraries

Hope this helps

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Any update on workaround for this problem?? Badly need this feature. Not so smart to understand programming API.

Hi @oldbuoy,

Glad to inform, we are now live with Bracket Order for options :slightly_smiling_face:

Read more here: Brackets Orders for Options Trading on Dhan