INR Pairs Addition Problem

Hi @PravinJ @Naman @Dhan_Help

I have logged in my TV web application through Dhan ID and trying to add currency pairs that I am trading. But unfortunately those were not in the list. So can’t be added. My objectives only is to avoid the chart loading problems or lagging problems that I am facing every when connected with Dhan directly. I have recorded a video to show exactly what I am facing currently. I am facing the same problems since inception of the same features. Please resolve it ASAP.

Hi @MonkInTrade

We will surely like to find out the error you are facing. But do help us with the video recording on, as provided video is not accessible.

Hi @Simran , @PravinJ , @Dhan_Help

I have been waiting over 3 hours for the link and almost a hour for the pre-schedule video call mentioned in your mail. Now I am only hoping that you have little intention left with yourself to call me and to understand the problem your own system has.

Thank you

Hi @MonkInTrade

Apologies for missing this. Hope your queries have been addressed over the video meeting conducted now with our Product team.

@Simram, @PravinJ

Thanks for asking. I have got the call but the problems remains. INR pairs cannot be traded through TV. But Dhan claims one can trade in NSE, BSE & MCX in TV. But the representative was saying that these pairs cannot be traded. I don’t know whether these pairs are out of NSE or BSE!!!

Every day you people are coming up with new features. But the flaws that your core/earlier features have never resolved!!!

But still thanks that I have waited for one hour and little more and the call finished within five mins.

And please claim what is actual. Don’t overhype it or don’t create any gimmick!!!

Thank you.

Hi @MonkInTrade

Currently TradingView supports NSE Equity and Futures. What we claim and offer is that you can trade in Options via our Dhan TradingView platform (

As soon as TradingView starts offering Options, we will surely offer the same with our Connect to Broker feature.