Integration with GoCharting

@PravinJ , Request you to integrate with GoCharting Option Desk. They have inbuilt paper trading also where traders can try their own strategies. Unlike other big platform they may not be reluctant to join.

Just give a try. It would be a game changer and an edge over other brokers who have already integrated with GoCharting, coz you have already made the UI best of all other 9 Top Brokers I have tested and used.
****5 Star to your achievements in such a short period.

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Hi @amitwaskar
Your request is noted. We will try to get in touch with them.

While you’re checking out go charting, make sure to also check out “Anastrat”

I love how we can use AI and the power of data to give us an better understanding and insights of our trading, currently not many brokers provide it, and if dhan provides it, it will be the most technology centric broker, Either you can get in touch with anastrat themselves or you may build something of the same concept yourself or partner with such platforms but make sure anyhow you have such tool in dhan.
Imagine a professional trader who journals his trades and analyzes his performance, such tools will really empower such traders. Im talking about people who are serious with trading and run trading like a business. All professional traders maintian a journal and do post trade analysis to see where they can improve and the platforms in india doesnt equip traders with tools to help them do that job.
Please take this feedback seriously @PravinJ @Naman

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Hi @amitwaskar

GoCharting is now live on Dhan: GoCharting is now live on Dhan

Hi @PravinJ,

Excellent customer support it seems. You are replying to specific thread which created on February and once user request done you are replying to specific person too.

Really I am happy to use dhan.

Thanks you for your wonderful services.

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Thanks @NaveenSelvaraj. A lot of what goes in building Dhan comes from our users, keeping them informed.

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