Integration with Sensibull

Hi Team
Are you planning to bring your own Sensibull like option analysis features or any plans to integrate with Sensibull?

Thanks for the note @lasymoney and welcome to Dhan community.

We are already providing lots of data and information for F&O Traders to make it easy, simple, seamless for them to trade.

We had reached out to a few platforms for integrations, I feel they are reluctant to work with us, most likely because we are new and very small, we just got started :slight_smile:

Hope things change and they see us differently. That aside, our APIs ( are now available for anyone to integrate, so it won’t be much time consuming for them to integrate.

Instead of integration with sensibull, kindly provide the same features like option strategy, paper trading, social trading in

yes build your own tools most third party tools charges above β‚Ή800 per month majority users want use that on any other brokers pls provide us free to use to our app and web you will get good business