Intraday Plan request

Hi @PravinJ

Request DHAN to come up with a INTRADAY plan for large volume Intraday traders / Scalpers /Weekly expiry traders

  1. May be a fixed price plan
  2. Or a reduced brokerage only for intraday.


Hi @pavz

We will definitely keep improving on product & trading experience for intra-day traders for sure including ones like you for scalpers / expiry traders and so on, however we do not intend to play or fight with competition on pricing. Reasons we are investing this, infrastructure, building capacity and also building super-fast APIs, comes at significant costs and investments.

I have seen personally that many brokers have offered or tried to offer cheaper plans, they didnt scale beyond a point. We have many users, and also in our discussions with daily traders, we understood reliability of platform is much more important than others in choosing one platform over others.

What we have taken a conscious call is, all data, information, insights is free. While you are already seeing a flavour of it, much more is coming your way.

Hope this explains. We will work to get you more value for the same prices which are industry standard.

Keep your feedback coming, it helps us.


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Hi @pavz ,

We are happy to announce that we have launched DhanHQ: Superfast Trading & Investing APIs. You were one of our earlier members who had requested for API access and we are sure that you will be loving our Superfast API experience. And for Dhanโ€™s users itโ€™s totally FREE!

Learn more about DhanHQ Superfast Trading & Investing API here .

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