Introduce Briefcases

Dear Product Team,

Watchlists and Baskets are already present and they are helpful in some way.

However, as an investor I would like to create Briefcases of my portfolio stocks, name those Briefcases, and compare daily, 3 to 5 years returns of each of the Briefcases [similar to what is currently shown in Baskets].

A Briefcase would be similar to Baskets, but would comprise of stocks that I have already bought / I own.

This is because I may buy some stocks based on different philosophies and I want to compare how each briefcase is faring against each other.


In other words:
Allow users to create segments/sections/briefcase in which he/she can then move stocks. For e.g. I have small-cap. mid-cap, large-cap stocks, I would like to segregate them into 3 categories on my portfolio page.

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We have noted your feedback. :smiley: Will surely let you know if we plan on releasing it.