Introducing: Daily CPR Indicator for Traders on Dhan

Technical Analysis, as you already know, is used to see past trends and anticipate future moves on price of any scrip. Across all the Dhan platforms, we have provided our users with 100+ technical indicators. These indicators have been helping our users to build and optimise their trading strategies and making decisions faster. Among all the technical indicators, one of the most popular and commonly requested technical indicators by our users has been the Central Pivot Range or CPR as it is widely known as.

Building one step at a time, we are happy to announce that we have now gone live with CPR indicators on Dhan, and across all the Dhan platforms (web, app and it is available on the TradingView charts as a custom indicator built by us on Dhan.

CPR’s are used to identify the bullish or the bearish trend in the market. A simple explanation on how CPR works is that in case the CPR lines form an increasing trend, it suggests a strong bullish approach and if the lines form a downward trend, it suggests a bearish market. While many traders have said to be benefited by this indicator, we are simply making it available on Dhan. As always, we would request traders to study well any indicators, CPR or any other before placing any trades.

How to get started with CPR on Dhan?

CPR indicators can be accessed on TradingView charts across all the platforms : Dhan Mobile App, Dhan Web app and

Refer this video to understand how to access it :

Our product feature announcement has been driven by customer suggestions. CPR Indicator inclusion was one of them. This is just the beginning, there are tons of features that we have lined up next that we can’t wait to show you all.

Let us know your experience of using the CPR indicator on Dhan!

P.S : As of now, CPR indicator is available only on TradingView charts and not for ChartIQ.



hi, i had requested couple of times on twitter and mail for a feature in trading view chart, but its not yet done** my request was to add weekly and monthly high and lows option into CPR indicator, weekly and monthly, in daily indicator it is already there but not in weekly and monthly. since i use CPR indicator for trading i request you to add this feature ASAP. thank you.

Hi @Jordan23

We have noted your request. We will definitely try to incorporate this in our roadmap.