Introducing Daily SIPs in Stocks and ETFs

With the advent of financial literacy, most of us are aware about the power of compounding. Combined with discipline, it can actually do wonders to your financial journey.

The medium which merges both these philosophies has come to be known with the moniker “SIP” - or Systematic Investment Plan. By the traditional definition, SIP facility allows an investor to invest a fixed amount of money at user defined intervals in the selected financial instrument. Many of us already have this enabled for our mutual fund schemes.

Being a product-driven organisation, we wanted to enable this feature for our investors from Day 1… and the feedback has been amazing! A lot of investors on Dhan are using Stock SIPs - and many have requested for a “Daily SIP” as well. Honestly, we skipped them as one-off requirements - but with so many users asking it again and again - we gave in and decided to build this.

So after Monthly and Weekly SIP, here’s introducing - Daily SIPs

Compared to the other two, where we ask users to select their preferred date of the month, or day of the week, Daily SIPs will automatically get triggered on all trading days!

No need to worry about holidays or weekends - we get the job done. Every day, your SIP will get triggered at 10 AM. This timing follows the same principle of our AMO orders - we believe the market is extremely volatile during opening hours (9.15am) and it is best to send orders to exchange a bit later.

Remember, you can always visit the SIP sections on the “Orders” page and edit, delete or even trigger the SIP right away.

P.S. Just make sure you have funds loaded in your Dhan trading account! :wink:

Do let us know about your experience with SIP orders in the comments here or email us at

Product team @ Dhan


I want to trigger my SIPs on some other time of the day, can that feature be added please?
Thanks for this great feature, though!

Hi @mark3tn00b

Not exactly the same, but suggest using Draft Orders for this use-case and execute at your convenience. More on that here: Introducing Draft Orders - Create Orders now and Execute them whenever you want!

Thanks for your suggestion but I am afraid there’s no automation possible in Draft orders. So not passive like SIP.
Could you please provide automation in Draft orders if SIP timing isnt possible?

Also, I see a lot of issues which make Draft orders feature hard to use -

  1. In Draft orders interface, You can’t open a stock details interface by clicking on its name.
    You have to come out to homepage, search the stock there for stock details.

  2. If you open a stock details page, you can’t directly create a Draft order from there. You have to go to Draft orders interface and search for that stock from there and create Draft order.

Please fix these issues too.