Introducing: Floating P&L & Indices

Hello Traders,

Hope you are having a great New Year so far. We are excited about 2023 and the incredible list of features & products we plan to execute this year.

Dhan is a vast product, everything happens in real-time - but through the times we have received requests from traders that they want to see their P&L and also track key indices (NIFTY50 and BANKNIFTY) all the time when they are logged in to Dhan. It should also be visible on Dhan while they are exploring other trading opportunities or simply browsing Dhan.

So, here it is - a widget of P&L and Indices, which you can place anywhere on the screen and it will be always visible.

To enable, go to the Money section, and in Traders Controls, enable the Floating P&L and Indices.

Once you enable this, the widget will appear on the screen as shown in the image below, which can be dragged and placed anywhere on the screen.

It shows the day’s P&L (realized and unrealized both) along with NIFTY50 and BANKNIFTY Indices. Depending on your need you can remove any of the cards by clicking at the cross mark over the top right of the respective card.

You can continue to take the next trading opportunity or navigate through the Dhan trading console while the widget will always remain at the top.

Some important points to remember:

  1. This floating widget is primarily developed for intraday traders. Investors or anyone who doesn’t want this can close this and it will be off till it is turned on again.
  2. If you take any buy/sell position in the Equity / Cash segment and do not close it, the P&L will show the notional profit or loss for that day only.
  3. If you take any buy/sell position in F&O, Currency, or Commodity segment and do not close it, the P&L will show the MTM gain or loss for that day only.

Hope this small widget makes a big difference to your trading journey on Dhan.

Happy Trading, on Dhan!

– Hardik


Hi @Dhan @PravinJ @Hardik, you should think of floating indices option in the dhan app also as we have to hover between portfolio and watchlist tabs to see the indices prices. Otherwise u can bring the pin section of indices to every tab so that it is visible every time. Currently the indices pin section is visible only in Home tab.


Hi @sri1647, we have seen users add Indices or Indices snapshots to their Watchlists, and in Positions you can view your positions based on underlying. With that you have indices view on 3 tabs of the 5 :slight_smile:

Hi @Dhan @PravinJ , first of all, you people are doing an amazing job. Thanks for all the great work you are doing for you users.

I have a small feedback, see if this makes sense, floating P&L feature is just to make sure some details are always visible to you.

What made me switch off this feature?

I used this feature, and I was confused where to position this floating widget as it was hiding some info in background and I had to disable it.

Can we achieve same by using existing feature and space?

I have noticed that we have an amazing left pane, which is visible in all tabs except for money.
Why not use that watchlist tab? Like how you create a default invested portfolio watchlist, you can also create a default F&O watchlist.

And then what we can do is, just to have the first item as P&L. In this way, we can not only track Nifty & BankNifty always, we can also track any index we want along with P&L (With more details, as we will get more space there).

And once we have this, as an enhancement we can plan on bringing P&L for each watchlist. I mean, apart from F&0, any other watchlist can show daily P&L of stocks in that list and in your portfolio.

In this way, it will help everyone, and people can track and choose which P&L they want to focus.

Well, this will come with some restriction, Like you can not add any stock in F&O default watchlist. But for me, I think it is okay. Because majority will get benefit from this and who does not can still create their own normal watchlist , off the watchlist P&L feature and use the floating P&L.

This idea will not work in Money tab, what about that?

For money tab, we will use the same feature which we have, floating P&L, except we wont be floating it anymore, instead we will be fixing it in top left where we currently show index change details. Since the index detail will be available as part of widget we will not need it anymore.

What if I track index other than Nifty& BankNifty?
Well that is a limitation now as well, but in future we should allow users to choose which indices they would like to float (Max 2 at anytime).

Well, this is just an idea, see if its worth considering.

And again, thanks for all the good work you are doing for us.


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Hi @vverma508
you can keep it next to money tab, even if it overlaps with date and live indicator, it should still be good…

Hi Sir, thanks for ur reply. But it would be great if that pin of all major indices in home tab can be brought to all the tabs so that it will be immediately visible.

Thanks for your detailed note @vverma508, appreciate that and also welcome to dhan community. All feedback at dhan is well received, and no product on dhan is shipped and done with. We will iterating a lot based on usage, feedback and continue to enhance the experience.

You have made some valid points, we will look at usage of this. At all times, we want to ensure that experience for our users is seamless, and also they do what they are here to do - trade instantly, manage positions and make effective user of our offerings.

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Hi @Hardik @PravinJ ,

Since the left side watchlist panel is always visible and watchlist items are customisable (i.e. option chain), if you can add P&L as a watchlist item, it may result into much better user experience than enabling/placing a floating widget on a small screen.

Hello @amit

The reason for adding Floating P&L & Indices was to give users the option and flexibility to place this wherever they want on the screen. That being said, we will surely look into enhancing this widget to make the overall experience better.

Hey @Hardik,

I’m sure user flexibility will be considered for many other feature requests as well


For example,