Introducing Instant Orders + Trade Directly from TradingView Charts

Hello all,

Our users love Trading from Charts especially via TradingView. We are making your trading experience even better.

Dhan & TradingView partnered to bring the awesome Trading directly from TradingView Charts (on in December 2021.

We haven’t stopped after that, next we integrated Webhooks for single orders for TradingView users, and then we recently introduced Basket Orders on TradingView via Webhooks, where we bought in two of our most important features Basket Orders and Webhooks on Dhan, helping traders to place basket orders on the charts seamlessly. Super traders like you, love trading on TradingView and through this feature we enhanced the trading experience for the traders.

We raise the bar even further, we are excited for this announcement!

Introducing - Trade directly from charts on Dhan App, Web along with Instant Order Placement :white_check_mark:

We have built the entire Trading from Charts experience along with Instant Orders now right inside all Dhan apps (Android, iOS), Dhan Web ( and it will also be available on our upcoming Options Trader app (register if you haven’t already!)

Basically all awesome trading experience on TradingView ( is now packed and deeply integrated with Dhan across all channels.

What’s more?
For TradingView fans, we have also retained the core order placement screens on Dhan. Meaning, when Trading via Charts, now you have the option to choose any order placement mode - Dhan’s experience or native chart experience. Best of both worlds, available for you!

Coupled with powerful trading experience, you will be able to seamlessly place orders across all the segments.

Get to know how place orders directly from charts on Dhan app here -

Happy Trading from Charts, now instantly with Dhan.


It’s fine to place orders via TV but needs more added features like Open Interest graph as chart indicator and AVWAP as drawing tool(now it’s as Indicator).One more thing,waiting for Option Trading App eagerly.:+1:

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Hey @SumanM welcome to Dhan community! :slight_smile:

You’ll be glad to know that open Interest graph as chart indicator is coming soon on Dhan!

Btw, do invite your trader friends to register for Options App early access and you may get priority access. :innocent:

@shraddha option trading web also needed , for option trading in small screen is possible

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