Introducing Mini-Order Placement Window on Dhan Web

When we launched Dhan on the web, we wanted to mimic our mobile experience at as many places as we can to ensure familiarity for investors & traders who look for transacting from both channels (web or mobile). Later when we launched Direct Trading from Charts with TradingView, users instantly liked the near native experience on TradingView.

We looked back at some of the feedback we have received from users earlier. Many of you have requested for a small order placement window, which can be moved anywhere and additional lets users view the screen behind - which may be an important one like Charts, Positions, Orders or anything.

Introducing Mini-Order window on Dhan web

Acting on this feedback, we have updated this and now introduced a mini order placement screen on Dhan web. You can move this order placement window anywhere you would like.

We have incorporated most of the functionalities from the original order placement window including all order types for Investing & Trading. You can access full screen charts and place orders instantly through the new mini-order window.

There are lots of small enhancements alongside this, for example we auto-save your screen placement for the order window and it is fixed at the same place for you in every session. And for the users who want to continue to switch between the larger window and the newer mini-order window, you have the option with you.

We are now working a bit more on the web experience than before, and expect more updates for our web users in the next few weeks.

Happy Trading and Investing! :smiley:

Growth and Community Team


Thanks @RahulDeshpande
Mini-Order Placement window was very much required. I tried using this, but this window disappears immediately as I click on any of the sections to browse through. This forces me to open the mini-order window again and again everytime I move to a different section. See if this window stays on the screen while I move from one section to another.

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Hi @nity ,
Thank you for your suggestion. We will look into this and will let you know :+1:

@PravinJ @Naman @Poornima @shraddha @Dhan_Help

  1. Please give mini order placement option in ( its only accessible on ( its very important to show the margin required pls bring to it
  2. if we are on ( there is no option to access the watchlist and we cannot even search any other stocks or index by directly typing on the charts. Please at least fix point 1.
  3. if we need to place a order form ( there should be an instant pop-up of a mini order placement window however the panel forms on the right side and again there is an option to make it small unnecessary a two-click task.

Hi @Vishesh

Welcome to dhan community.

  1. We want to keep native Tradingview experience on, hence didn’t altered much with the Order Panel. But we understand your point, we will come with a solution to show margin requirement before placing order on

  2. On, if you are simply accesing charts, there is watchlist on left side and you can search any scrip from search menu from top. If you are using full screen chart, then offcourse we haven’t provided watchlist option as this is made to give complete end -to-end chart experience on screen, here still you have option to search any scrip from the top right side menu.

  3. Valid feedback, but we haven’t made mini order placement as default on Full Screen charts as this will hinder the chart view, which demeans the purpose of full screen chart. But we understand your point, we will come up with better solution.

Hope this helps!

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