Introducing Nomination Facility on Dhan - Now Add Nomination to your Demat & Trading Account Online

There’s a reason our app is named Dhan - it is synonymous with wealth.

We believe investments in equity / stock markets for the long term is the one of the best and most legit ways to create wealth for any individual in India. Dhan, on your behalf, not only provides a great investment platform for executing your trades (all at lightning fast :zap:) but also a very reliable and seamless experience.

More than that, Dhan acts a secure vault for all your holdings (held in your demat account) and information about your trades and portfolio available on the app & web. So it only makes sense that investors in stock markets are able to pass on this wealth to the person of their choice, in the event of their unfortunate demise. Or rather, always have a nominee linked to their investment and trading account on Dhan or even with any other broker.

Market regulations have changed to make investments simpler, seamless and digital. While SEBI had introduced online KYC a few years ago, it was only as recently as last year that an online nomination facility was facilitated and now we are excited to bring this to Dhan.

Starting today, you will now be able to add up to 3 nominations to your Dhan account account. Continuing with our philosophy to provide all features in a digital and completely paperless manner, we are now live with the facility for Dhan users to add their nomination directly on the Dhan app.

You can access this option on the Dhan mobile app through the following on-screen steps:
Go to Home > Tap on Hello > Tap on your name > Click on “Profile & Account Details” > Scroll down to the bottom > Tap on “Add Nominations”

We strongly encourage you to use this. Make sure you fill all the details correctly, including the email address and phone number of the nominee. We also urge you to inform your nominees so that they are apprised of your wealth at all times.

We feel this is the first step of a major account management which we’ve enabled in a paperless format and soon, we will introduce more of them.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1: Is this feature live for all platforms?
A1: As of now, this is live on all our mobile platforms (Dhan and Options Trader). We will soon make it live for Dhan Web as well.

Q2: How can I modify nomination on my account?
A2: Currently, nominee modification is not allowed online due to restrictions on CDSL (depository). However, you can request for modification by getting in touch with us at We will share a account modification form, which you have to print, fill up, sign and courier it back to us at our headquarters in Mumbai.

Q3: Is this nomination for stocks and mutual fund both?
A3: No. This nomination process is only for stocks. Once we are live with mutual funds on our platform, we will notify you about a separate nomination process.

Q4: I have received an email from exchange stating that my demat and trading account will be frozen if I don’t update my nomination to my broker (Dhan). Is this true?
A4: The regulation mandates that you need to provide your CHOICE of nomination. There are two choices - either you can opt out, or opt in. During onboarding, you have decided to opt out of nomination on Dhan - so we have already communicated the same to all exchanges and depository. Thus, your account will NOT be frozen or disabled post the deadline. Whenever you wish to add nominees, you can follow the steps highlighted above and we will communicate that to all intermediaries immediately.

We keep listening to your feedback and suggestions, it helps us improve the Dhan experience for you. Keep sharing more with us at

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I was just wondering why is this option not available on the web version. I thought such important features should first be made available on the web version and then on the mobile, because on small real estate on the mobile screen, it becomes sometimes difficult to follow what is being entered in the screen, leave alone try reading the consent pdf document. Any inadvertent error by the user wouldn’t possible for the user to track on the mobile entry screen, which would have made it better on the web version

NSE has asked users to add nominee or opt-out of nomination. There should be some text which says it you don’t add nominee by default you will be opt-out.

Hi @Tridib, we will soon release this feature on web as well. However, even on mobile, we provide you a chance to review all the details you have entered before the e-Sign step; so you can always go back and edit the same.

Although I do understand where you’re coming from and we will update the progress on this.

Hi @pratik01 , I have updated this community post to reflect the new changes. We also communicate this during user onboarding / KYC at the Declaration step.

Hi @Anirudha thanks for the heads-up.

I’m an old customer of Dhan and did not get chance to “opt-out” during onboarding. Those who did not add nominee are automatically opt-out currently, correct?

Not to worry @pratik01 , we have this “opt-out” option enabled since we went live. So all our users are compliant as per the recent regulations.

@Anirudha - Oh, I see!

I am trying to find opt-out button in nomination UI area but not able to see it anywhere. Please guide where can I find it? (I have both Dhan & Option Trader app installed on my device)

Hi @pratik01 , maybe you misunderstood. I meant that ALL our users have ALREADY been opted out during onboarding /KYC. There is NO further action on your end. You are already opted out.

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I am unable to add nominee as I am getting error that address cannot start with a number. Most addresses start with number only which is house number and that’s how it’s mentioned on address proofs as well.

Also there should be a checkbox to select “address same as account holder”. Usually nominee would be spouse, brother, sister, children or parents and in many cases, address would be exactly the same. So there is no need to enter the same details again.

Hi @gegobyte , we send your data to all exchanges and intermediaries, some of which have address validations like the one you have put here.

In these cases, we generally advise our customers to begin their address with “House No”.

For example, if your address starts with “1/A, CIT Road…”, we recommend writing “House No: 1/A, CIT Road…” etc.

I assure you that this will not affect your nomination process.

Regarding the second feedback, there are some technical limitations on the intermediary side to accept the same address. We are in touch with them for a resolution to this.


It is indeed surprising that nomination can only be done via mobile app - these are basics and a user should not be made to use the app for important aspects such as nomination addition.

Please fix this asap.

Just to add, nominee details should have been sought (atleast provide an option to the user to add a nominee if he/she wishes to) at the time of opening of account, so that we can avoid duplication of efforts.

Using the app for nominee addition is a headache, as you are asking for ID proof copy of the nominee, which to my experience till date has never been the case with any other platform for any product whatsoever. What is the reason for asking so many details incl ID proof of the nominee, and why does Dhan require these documents?

Dear @eliteinvestment ,

It’s been a while since we saw you on our Dhan community! I want to highlight that we’re going to bring nomination on web pretty soon (you can expect it before the end of this month).

Regarding our nomination process, there are a few reasons why we have taken an active call to collect this information once your onboarding is complete, one of which includes the fact that your nomination is collected and stored primarily in your demat account, which is not created until you complete the KYC journey.

Additionally, the SEBI prescribed nomination form requires us to collect the nominee identification details (type of identity and identity number). This is for your own benefit as your nominee can claim your wealth by furnishing the same details (to prevent fraud).

Do keep interacting with us on our Community and we look forward to hearing from you!