Introducing: Option Chain & FnO snapshots to Watchlist

We are building and improving Dhan continuously based on your feedback, and we understand that for Futures & Options traders love our app and web, but want to get to what they want much faster than what they are currently doing on the Dhan.

Starting today, watchlists are just more than a place to track stock / scrip pages on Dhan. We have updated and revamped our complete infrastructure to ensure we enable you to add important shortcuts to your watchlists, well to watch what’s important for you - Option Chain, Futures Summary and Options Summary.

Dhan again is possibly the first in the industry to take a completely new approach with watchlist, and also bring upfront precise summary with required information on Futures & Options snapshots for traders.

This makes everything super easy for traders, and improves the experience significantly on both app & web platforms of Dhan.

Introducing - Option Chain & FnO snapshots to Watchlist

Now you can add any Option Chain of Indices and FnO Stocks to the watchlist and navigate the option chain seamlessly across all contracts.

If you are a NIFTY or BANKNIFTY trader, you must have taken a few seconds switching between the screens and navigating to Option Chain. Now it’s all history, and you enjoy the lightning fast experience on Dhan.

This is not just limited to the Option Chain, you can also add Futures & Options Summary in the watchlist, from where you can directly navigate to a detailed summary page.

What’s more?

Special addition - We have already created an F&O watchlist for you, yes the 11th watchlist, where we have added Bank Nifty & Nifty Option Chain, Futures & Options Summary, and Spot Index.

Happy trading and do keep sharing your feedback with us :slight_smile:



Few suggestions :

  1. Add IndiaVix
  2. Open option chain in the same layout or open as popup
  3. Can there be a way to manually reorder the items in the watchlist?

Wonderful ! thanks for bringing in easy navigation and cool stuff for option traders !
PLUS 1 for @amit Suggestions :orange_heart:

Can there be a way to manually reorder the items in the watchlist?

Figured out this one

BTW, found delete icons missing on the way

Hi @amit Your suggestions for IndiaVIX and Popup is noted. And for reorder the scrips, you can do it from manage watchlist. We are fixing the delete icon here.
Thanks @pavz for your kind words.

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