Introducing: Reverse your positions in single tap

These days markets are volatile and we are seeing few stock positions change from extreme sides - open on positive and close on negative or it is the opposite. But that’s what markets are like, and in between that you have opportunities to trade fast and make your profit.

When markets are volatile, you want to profit off of the fast moving sentiment from bearish to bullish and vice versa. So here we are with our latest feature to help you trade smarter and faster. When market sentiments change, you can also change your positions now with our latest offering - in a single tap. No need to place two orders, now in a single order. Yes, you read that right.

Introducing new & industry first feature - Reverse Your Position in single tap

How does it work?

Assume that you bought 1 stock of Tata Motors. And for some reason, the market changes its direction from bullish to bearish. In such market conditions, to profit off the bearish trend you want to short Tata Motors. So now, instead of placing two orders - square-offing the first position and creating a new short position, you can simply reverse the position. So you don’t have to make two trades and pay the brokerage twice.

This feature will help you to execute orders quickly with changing market conditions with a single click and one-time brokerage. We are the first in the industry to have this feature and we believe it would make your trading experience effortless.

Here’s the video for your reference:

Available on Dhan Android & iOS app.

Happy trading!



But how does it work? Reversing position would still mean squaring off the existing position and then creating a new opposite position. They are still 2 orders being sent to the exchange? So are you waiving off the brokerage on 1 order? Taxes would still be applicable on these 2 orders?

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Hi @gegobyte

Yes reversing the position means squaring off the existing position and creating and new, but all this happens in a single order, you have to pay brokerage for only one order, not two.

So let’s understand this with an example, assuming you have a long position of 1 share of ITC and you click on Reverse Position button, the system will send a order to sell 2 shares of ITC. You will get a new short position of 1 share of ITC. Here you will pay brokerage only for one order as both squaringoff and creating new position happened with one order.


How does it work in f&o, can you post some demo video on this for f&o.

Hi @Hemanthcj ,

We have updated our post with a video for reference. Do check it out.

You can click on this link here too.

Please help me in terms of margin I have 1 lot of Nifty future buy which requires 1.10 lakhs as margin. I enter buy trade and in profit of say 5 thousand. Now my net fund is 1.15 lakh. Now I will tap and reverse. Will it work ? Does the software handle the margin for 2 sell order out of which one sell order is for square of previous buy order ?

What about the taxes?

Please make video giving reverse position how ot work in option treding. Thanks

We will make a video on it soon. Do keep a check on our YouTube channel -

Dear Naman,

Through webhook trading view reversal position possible

Hi @Sachikantap,

As of now, there is no direct reverse order type available in webhook at dhan. But you can create your own code and use JSOn accordingly to reverse positions with particular signals or alerts.

i want to use reverse trade option in nifty futures for overnight positions.

Is it going to work in overnight positions in nifty futures ??? or i have to close the first position and create new position ???

suppose i go long on monday and carry the position and reverse the trade on thursday ?? will it work ??

How many times can i reverse position in a single order in intraday. Iam aware that brokerage is going to be charged once for that order but what about other charges like stt, stamp duty, etc


You can reverse it as many times as wish. Everytime you reverse your position, it will be a seperate order and each order will have its brokerage and charges applicable including stt, GST etc