Introducing Super ‘Insightful’ Portfolio: Making Long-term Investing Simple, Smart & Insightful

Investing can be easy and difficult at the same time, you know what this means. Risk and returns are part and parcel of every investment you make. And your portfolio performance is the ultimate holy grail metric that you will look up to, as in how well did you do on your investment thesis.

There is more to this than the above statements. Some of your investments will be long-term, opportunity driven, some as allocation towards a company or sector or then diversification. Some decisions happen for tax harvesting, while some companies you would want to keep investing in (as SIP) for your continued belief in them for the long term.

Most stock investing platforms will simply show you the price performance of your portfolio. But that’s the incomplete picture, because you know there is something more to every investment.

Every portfolio is a story in itself.
Every portfolio is an investment thesis in itself.
Every portfolio, while shown in numbers, it is more than the numbers.

We know there is a story behind every portfolio, every investment. At Dhan, we have re-imagined the way your portfolio should look. While keeping the balance of the portfolio view that you are used to, we have introduced much more to the portfolio - making it smart and insightful.

Introducing our newest enhancement - ‘Super Portfolio’, the most detailed and transparent portfolio ever.

There are tons of features which we have packed in for our users (and more coming soon). Get to know more about them as follows:

Smarter Insights, Smarter Investing

  • Overall: Check how well your investments in equities are doing as overall performance. You will be able to check your invested amount in a particular stock, Average price you bought at, and how its performing.

  • Today: Check the real time performance of the invested stock today. While you are investing for the long-term, many users still want to keep a tab on price movements.

  • Price Performance: You must have heard, and we have too, that the best investors will tell you not to keep track of stock prices in your portfolio on a daily basis. We just productised that, and now you can turn on/off price performance from your portfolio settings.

  • Stock & ETFs SIPs: All your scheduled SIPs will be available here as per the type of SIP you have selected - Daily, Weekly and Monthly. You know we launched daily SIPs, right?

  • Insights: Understand how diversified your portfolio is, into various segments like Market Cap, Sectors, High Performing and Low performing investments. In real-time, like never before.

  • Allocation: Portfolio allocation is most important, the best advisors will tell you this. We now offer you a view of allocation by all decision making factors - Value, Investment and P&L.

  • P&L: For times when you want to see stocks that are contributing to Profits & Loss in your portfolio.

There are more enhancements coming for you in the portfolio, this is just the starting point. You will see more updates from us soon.

We created this feature with lots of love, and hope that you love the feature too. Do let us know your feedback. :slight_smile:

Growth team @ Dhan