Invested Portfolio: Take a deep dive in the Stocks & ETFs you have invested

We believe that every portfolio is a story in itself.

Long-term investors need to know more about how their investments are doing than merely seeing the price performance of their stocks. We reiterated this thought when we released our new set of features and offers that were updated in our announcement about Super Portfolio last week.

The beauty of any story is the characters that are part of it. We see the stocks and ETFs you bring into your portfolio as the characters of a beautiful story. With our updated release now with Invested Portfolio, you will get to deep dive into your story’s (read: portfolio) characters (read: Stocks, ETFs, and Positions).

Super excited to announce our latest update: Invested Portfolio Details - A deep dive into how your invested stocks are performing.

Just like we re-imagined the portfolio, for invested portfolio details we researched and took feedback from users on what all they want to know about their individual investments.

Here are the features that we have shipped -

Investment Performance:
An expanded view of everything that is visible for you in your basic portfolio. This is basic, possibly available in every investment app out there.

Many long-term investors have asked us this, so here you are.
Note: This is the first version of XIRR & CAGR on Dhan, more will come. These provide you with the short-term and long-term picture of how your stock is performing.

For starters, XIRR : If you invest in a fixed deposit, you know how much return you are going to get after the due date. But things change, if you do SIPs in stocks or ETFs, since the time period of investing in it is not on a particular date but over a series of installments and calculating rate of return for this manner becomes a little tedious. Through XIRR, you will now get to know the single rate of return when applied to all transactions (investments and redemptions). CAGR: Calculated on the basis of your initial investment and the LTP of your invested stock.

Age & Tax:
Simple but important information - have you ever wondered if you end up selling on the 360th day of your investment period you may be missing out on the long-term tax benefits? That is sad, which is why we now show you this upfront - aging of your stocks (total and in short term) and also the bifurcation of your Profits or Loss in Short Term (< 1 year) and Long Term (> 1 year).

Smart Invest:
You must have heard this already, use SIPs to invest for the long term. On Dhan, we have enabled SIPs for your own Stocks & ETFs - be it monthly, weekly, or even daily. Manage your SIPs from the same view. In addition to this, you can set a forever order of alerts directly from Smart Invest. All possible actions you would want to take on your holdings - in one single place.

All your Trades:
Want to keep a track of your past transactions for any Stock - we got this all here. No more search for this in past trade, or trade history or emails, or contract notes. Everything for you, simplified.

We made tracking your dividends easy. So if you have an invested stock for which dividends are declared, all its details will be displayed here. You will not have to check your emails or do any calculations of how much dividend you have received. We are just waiting to see how much you’re going to love this feature. :slight_smile:

As always, there is more to come for you. We just want to make investing for the long term a better experience, and also well informed where you are in control of everything about your investments.

Happy Investing!

Growth team


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