Is Margin price is correct or not?

I had created the below basket today at 3:20 PM in mobile app and the Final margin as per the basket is around 35.8K refer below screenshot.

i had a balance around 41.5 K. and I thought I had enough balance to place the entire basket and placed the order accordingly.

however the last leg of the basket got failed with the below reason.

later i had logged into the web portal and placed only this failed leg and got the above error saying insufficient funds.

after the closure of market i happened to check the margin price in the web and it showed below value for the same basket.

I am now literally thinking below things. could you plz help me understand on each of the points.

  1. Why the final margin amount displayed in app and web different?
  2. Why the fund required amount displayed in app and web different?
  3. which one is correct and what to follow?
  4. Fund limit insufficient by 31K ( does it mean i had 9.8K finally in my trading account and 31K insufficient and thereby 41K to place only this Leg?)
  5. What is Available Amount and what is order Amount? in the below screenshot…

I did add the same basket with zerodha and found margin amount matching to web 67K but not mobile app 38K.

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This margin facility is available only in zerodha, upstox, 5 paisa, Alice blue and fyers only. Not available in brokers like paytm money and dhan. Be sure before doing this type of trade in dhan. Your buying will exicute but not the sell as it required full funds requirement rather than final margine and you may be trapped.

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Hi @Shylaja

We are updating our experience to communicate margins & hedge benefits on baskets much better. Yesterday post market hours, we rolled out an update on Dhan web, this will also go on Dhan App soon. I will have this rechecked once again.

That aside, irrespective of where order is sent from - Web, App, TV or APIs, they are routed through central risk management system on Dhan, and similar rules apply for transaction.

Give us some time, we will come back on this.

Hi @Shylaja

Checked this again, yes - it was as result of roll out we did post market hours. We are updating the experience on Basket before the upcoming Options Trader app.

Thank you

could you help me answer these questions based on the screen shot


I would urge you at least pass on this kind of communication via notification saying we are pushing few updates and it is expected to impact etc etc features. by this we will get to know what is happening in the app.


Can you check why OTM strike requires higher margin vs ITM strike

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