Is pledging available on dhan?


I see pledging / unpledging charges mentioned on the website but there is no list or option to pledge securities? Also how much haircut and which securities are valid for cash and which for non cash?


Hi @lakhani

Welcome to Dhan community, and also to trading & investing experience Dhan. We have the requests from users to start Pledging of Shares, we are actively exploring the same and should start shipping this.

The reason we mention this on the website, is because we process few of such requests offline for us to learn and understand so that we can make a better experience when it comes on Dhan app and website. You should hear something in that direction soon.

Also when we go live, we will also show haircut and list of securities upfront for convenience of users as suggested by you.

Thank you.

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Thnx @PravinJ , please do check this out too , just want to make sure most of the options available when its LIVE on DHAN

Made a note of this. Sure.

Hi @lakhani

We’ve just gone live with our most awaited future “Margin Pledge”. Do check it out here.

We are sure you are enjoying the trading experience on Dhan (App, Web, and TradingView), and pledging is going to make this even better.

Thinking of moving your existing stocks to Dhan, well that is also possible now - simple and 100% digital, read here on transferring your shares to Dhan .

Your suggestions and feedback are most welcome.