Is there a tutorial on how to do Intraday trading on Dhan app?

Is there a tutorial on how to do Intraday trading on the Dhan app? And what are the charges for it?

Hey @MetalGearSolid, all the charges for intraday trading are mentioned are here - Dhan - Online Stock Trading and Investing Platform for India

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check this out Intraday Setup Announcement | How to start investing on DHAN App | Best Stock Market App | Dhan App - YouTube not sure you can consider this as a tutorial but somewhat insightful product tour of the Dhan platform hoping @Dhan team might come up with their product usage or overview videos on their youtube soon thanks.

Hi @DanVester

Thanks for sharing this. The only reason we are bit behind on this is - we are building our products & features fast and there are many things that gets updated for a better user experience with every release.

We don’t want to put up videos and then change the user experience or navigation. We will start doing this soon, on our list of things to do - but then more important is providing the best possible experience for investors & traders.