Is there plan to support publisher API similar to kite publisher API?

Similar to kite publisher API, is there any plan to support kite publisher API? Please note that this is different from API as we just send the basket order but don’t do anything else.
This will help me to move from 0dha to this account as I use basket orders a lot.

Hi @donisback, yes we have plans for the same, and also very soon. Much simpler APIs will be available to you and option to place multiple orders and manage them as well.

Also, welcome to Dhan :slight_smile:

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Hi @donisback We have updated our Basket Order and it is live. This is first version of our Basket Order. We will improve it and come up with more features around it. Please check it out here.

Thank you for introducing this. However,my requirement is for API as I use Google sheets. My intention is to call the basket order API for buy and sell orders similar to Kite Publisher API.

Sure. We understood your requirement & your request is noted. We will let you know as and when we are ready with this.

Hi @donisback ,

We are happy to announce that we have launched DhanHQ: Superfast Trading & Investing APIs. We are sure that you will be loving our Superfast API experience. And for Dhan’s users it’s totally FREE! You can build your strategies on top of our APIs.

Learn more about DhanHQ Superfast Trading & Investing API here.

Thank you. Would open the account very soon.
Just two more features required:

  1. Ability to transact MF
  2. Pledging.
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Have noted your request. Something’s in the works :grin:

Hi @donisback, Pledging is now available on Dhan.

  1. MF not yet available.
  2. Publisher api is not there. I should be able to click on a button and transact a basket of stocks. This is different from basket api which is for each individual.

Any update on when the above would be available?
Publisher API is similar to this: HTML/Javascript trading buttons - Kite Connect trading APIs