Keep me login in dhan

Hi sir every time I logout I have to login again so I would like to stay login and tbh and prefer code method more than dhan qr code so rather than showing qr give us option to enter pin

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If your session is active in background, it will ask you for PIN. If not, then will have to go via QR code or OTP based login.

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Sir why we cant stay login though I mean most of the time people use personal devices to trade

Security reasons, there are sessions check in place. Security is a funny thing, it works 99 times out of 100, but one time it doesn’t - it creates big trouble.

We have to make sure that trading platforms are simpler, convenient, fast - as well as safe and secure.


sir even after login via pin , i have to enter otp, thats not good. if i have my device near me why would i pin and otp both instead just scan qr code ? for faster login just make login via pin or code

A fresh session on Dhan starts either with Fast QR Scan or OTP based login. PIN is asked if existing session requires revalidation.

Regulations call for the new way to login, unfortunately can’t do much here until they change.