Margin Requirement

I’m coming from another Broker(Zerodha) to try out Dhan for Algo Trading. Zerodha doesn’t support BO order and Dhan doesn’t support BO order for some scripts(particularly MCX). So I have my own code where I manage Multi leg orders

Orders placed are Entry, SL and Limit(Target order).

The margin required to place these three orders is the margin of 1 lot in Zerodha.

But in Dhan, the margin required is 2 lots. If there is only enough funds for one lot, it does not allow to place the last order(Target Price Limit order).

I assume this is a bug ? If not kindly provide clarity.

Update. the same doesnt work in Basket orders as well. The screen shows 1 lot is enough, but on order placement, the orders fail.

Hi @rajeev

The margin required for BO & CO is standard as per our Risk Policy. It is kept keeping in view of interest of user and following all the regulations.
Yes, we do not provide BO & CO for options (and MCX products). The second leg of this order SL-M, and SL-M is not permitted by exchange in options trading.

We regularly relook our existing policy and if we can figure out something better, we will surely update it.

Hope this helps