[Margin Shortage Penalty] :

Could someone check on this Margin Shortage Penalty , both says MARCH 17th but has been cut two times

Also , I do not think there was any Margin shortage on MARCH 28th.

This is on thing non ethical brokers are looting as it’s very difficult to understand this part of peak margin shortage. Kindly have a relook on this .

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Hi @pavz, we are getting this checked.

In the meanwhile, we recommend to remove such personal trading ledger screenshots from this public forum.

Head - Customer Support

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OK thanks, noted, have removed.

Got a call, the issue is solved. had 2 margin shortfall from NSE and MCX .
THnx for the quick clarification


Can anybody here can tell whether the margin short fall call would be penalised if margine shortfall issue would be resolved on time from the client’s end.