Mismatch in networth

Hi team,

I have invested 50K and 1.6K is profit(according to Traders diary and P&L statement), then my networth on dhan should be 51.6K. However, it is 5.06K on dhan. Can you please let me know the reason because everything including the charges is 125.

When the numbers are not matching and I am not getting satisfactory answer, it is a concern for me

@PravinJ Whenever I raise this to support, I get different answers which are not matching with each other, let alone answer my concern. I have been a long time customer with dhan and expect this to be resolved.

Attaching some screenshots. Meanwhile, please let me know if something is needed to from my side

Adding screenshot from the app

Hi @sv28

We are getting this checked with our team and will connect with you shortly.

@Divyesh I am getting the templated responses yet again. There is mismatch in amount and no one is talking in terms of numbers. I need to talk to someone on phone who can talk about the numbers and help me understand. Without understanding this, I am not confident in putting more sum of money into the account because right now I am cross-checking the numbers but I won’t be able to do it all the time. I hope you understand my concern

Hi @sv28,

As discussed on call, we believe your query regarding ledger clarification has been resolved. We have taken a note of your suggestion for Net Worth calculation and would appreciate it if you could share a more detailed idea at feedback@dhan.co to enhance your product experience.

I am getting the same issue. Has your issue been resolved? yesterday my NW was showing 85k and today morning its showing 29k.

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@Sameet net worth shown on Dhan is incorrect. Already I have raised this here