MTM Based Options Strategy Exit

Hi @Naman @PravinJ ,

One of the problems that options strategy trader faces is exiting the deployed strategy based on P&L. Since these strategies are multileg, placing limit order for individual open position doesn’t solve the problem.

It will be great help to all the multileg options traders, if @Dhan can provide a following feature:

  1. Trader can assign a label to specific open positions, i.e. a trader can assign USDINR-CALL-RATIO-SPREAD label by selecting open positions.

  2. Show real-time total MTM of all open positions under a particular label.

  3. Define P&L exit for a particular label, i.e. all positions with USDINR-CALL-RATIO-SPREAD label should exit if the combined total MTM >= 10k or MTM >= -5k

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Hi @pushpa

We tried designing for this approach sometime, labels were getting complicated. And causing a lot of distractions.

We figured out an alternative way that we are currently experimenting with… hoping that it should make this simpler to manage multiple strategies in positions. And we are also making adding to baskets easier to execute such strategies.