Mutual Fund Platform Go Live Date

@PravinJ @RahulDeshpande

Actual go live date of the mutual fund platform was supposed to in the month of July more then 3 months have been passed but your team is not announcing the exact date of the go live for MF platform.? can u please share the exact timeline when the Mutual fund platform will be go live.?

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Hi @Fremil1992

Totally understand your anticipation.

We are in our final phase of testing, and deployments.

Do keep a tab of our community as this will be the first place we announce it.

Hello @RahulDeshpande

I was hearing this sentence since last 3 months but there has to be some date to be reveal from the dhan team end can u please tell me the date for the same.?

Hi @Fremil1992 As mentioned by Rahul - this is almost ready to go live. We were supposed to make things live earlier, however we had huge surge on our trading and investing platforms - resulting us in focussing on supporting existing users first before launching new products.


@RahulDeshpande you guys are adding the useless feature like external broker portfolio tracking on dhan and all but you don’t have time to live the mutual fund platform seriously frustrated if the person likes me only investing in the mutual fund and waiting since so long for the go live of the platform how invests.?