Need Watchlist Import from Excel future

Hi Dhan team,

Is it possible to add Importing Watchlist from Excel? And also if possible colour tagging


Yes, Multicolor tagging is required.


Feedback noted @Vignesh_N

Keen to understand why would you like to add colors to this? Won’t it distract a lot while trading?

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@PravinJ दादा, कलर टॅगिंगने Stocks चं Segregation करायला सोप्प जातं.
म्हणजे समजा ग्रीन कलर टॅग असले म्हणजे ते इन्ट्रडे, ऑरेंज कलर टॅग असले म्हणजे ते स्विंग साठी, ब्लु कलर टॅग असले म्हणजे ते future ट्रेडचे stocks आहेत. ट्रेंड लाईन ब्रेकआऊटचे अजून वेगळ्या कलरने टॅग करायचे. आवडीचे stocks वेगळ्या कलरने.

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We have given 10 watchlists and 100 stocks in that for same reason. Dhan has option to track 1000 stocks.

Naming each specific watchlist will be helpful, right? keen to know.

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@PravinJ दादा तुमचं म्हणणं बरोबर आहे परंतु जर एकाच watchlist मध्ये सगळं असले तर आम्हाला स्टॉक सिलेक्शन करायला सोप्प जातं आणि अनेक watchlists चाळत बसण्याचा वेळ वाचतो.

Hello Pravin,

The key differentiator would be importing from Excel feature as it would help in importing the list of stocks scanned from screening software like chartink or others.

Regarding the colour feature if we have colour we can seperate and classify it in the order of strength of the signal

By any chance did you check if this is possible?

By any chance did you have a look into the request, is it supported by TV library ?

This will need to be custom build for TV @Vignesh_N

We have lots of feedback from @nnJhavarePatil as well on Watchlist. We will improve on this.

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धन्यवाद @PravinJ दादा.

Atleast can you add the import stocks from Excel in Dhan Web?

It’s been long since many people requested this feature

We have started some work here, for few users they can see Download as CSV on Watchlist. Many more improvements are planned based on the suggestions we receive.

Yeah, noticed it thanks for that, what me and few other people requested was to import list of stocks from Excel to Dhan Watchlist

Parvin Sir, Do we have any plan for import/upload watchlist feature same as download. It would be great for swing and BTST trader or may be intraday as well.

Have you started working on this import watchlist feature? Any estimated time when it will be put to use? Kindly reply…


I would like to present a case scenario which happens with me and thus highlights the need for colour tagging/flagging.

I use many watchlists having different stocks according to the needs/themes. In a specific watchlist, there are around 40-50 scrips.

Now, a trader cannot play everything as every scrip might not be presenting a setup at that moment. Further, a trader can’t keep a watch on all the scrips as well. Some filtering has to be done in each of the watchlist.

This colour coding/flagging/tagging can be used as that filtering.