New Feature Announcement: Manage Your Open Positions

We asked a trader while building Dhan - what do you usually do during market hours?
The answer was straight and quick - “Manage my Positions!”

And we wondered - why has nobody built a better product experience for this very thing which takes so much time for traders?

Time is money. Something that we have heard all the way along and we believe it is rightly said, especially for those who trade in stock markets. Dhan strives to provide you a lightning-fast experience, what we we also bring to you is information at a lightning-fast speed as it happens to help you make timely decisions.

Decisions that a trader needs to make are many - When to exit? To add more or to exit? Check liquidity with market depth? See charts? Oops, market direction is changing, now what? We can go and on, but you get it right? That is what we wanted to focus on when we started to build the experience for Managing Positions.

We iterated a lot on this experience and hope we have shipped it to your expectations. We want to give you an intuitive way to look at your positions that helps you get information faster, present the same to you visually, help you make decisions faster, and then - execute them equally fast on Dhan.

Let me summarize what we have made available for you on Dhan:

  • Visual P&L Span: This is an industry first. For the first time, you will be able to visually see how your positions stand in the market, right now and in real-time. We didn’t stop here, we also went ahead and included your realized P&L for that day in this, making it more useful.

  • Split View for positions in Profits or Loss: Markets set your expectations right, and fast. Not all positions are in profits, but we wondered if you really wanted to simply book profits, or even cut losses, why not? We are happy to again introduce to you an industry first, the ability to book profits from profitable positions or cut losses, all of this in a single tap with the same lightning-fast experience. Try this.

  • Manage every position in Depth: Only on Dhan again, you can tap on any open position and see an in-depth view of your position. We bring to you a single screen display for the first time trade summary based on when you entered the position and the last traded price.

Is that all? Of course not!

In addition, we give you a full view of market depth and transfer to managing positions on charts. Adding more to the position or exiting from it is equally easy & quick. Want to shift gears from intraday to long term? It’s just a tap away.

So why are we building this view to manage open positions? Why do we care?

Oftentimes, traders get trapped in their trades and end up losing money due to emotional swings, lack of understanding of their profit and loss position. They tend to find information, arguments, and proof to support loss-making trades and justify their trading decisions. This is often done subconsciously and is not deliberate but slips their losses further. We want to avoid such situations when you use Dhan.

To summarise again, on Dhan you have a visual and intuitive experience to track and manage your open positions. This is an experience that is built for a trader in mind, you should know when to get into markets and when to get out, and fast. So far we have observed how this feature is being used by active traders and it is encouraging.

For all of us at Dhan, product & experience building is a journey. We want to Raise the Bar for you.

Do try this feature and let us know your feedback!


It’s been 3 days since I am using Dhan App for trading. Sharing few feedback specifically on Manage Open Positions.

  1. For F&O Segment, I and many like me trade in multiple legs together and therefore entering and exiting all legs together at same time are very critical for managing my P&L. Currently I have to execute each of the leg individually and sequentially both while entering and exiting the trade at Dhan.
  2. There is an option of exit all positions. This does not serve purpose when I have some long term delivery positions along with trading positions. There has to be an option to select trades and then allow to exit selected trades at one click.
  3. In Profits/In Loss shows only open positions for the day. Closed positions are not considered. Ideally all positions for the day should be considered.
  4. Along with in Profits / in Loss, there should be personalized groups/tabs that user should be allowed to create where user can drag/include pairs together so that P&L for each pair can be separately tracked. Sensibull does this very nicely. See if you can integrate with Sensibull if not planning to have this feature inbuilt.

That’s it for now…

Sharing Sensibull screenshot of my position for quick reference.


Hey Nitesh

Welcome to Dhan community :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking out time to share your valuable feedback. At Dhan, we are always very keen to learn from our users and improve the Dhan experience accordingly. We have noted all your points (very valid, btw) and will be working on them to make Managing Positions easier for you.

Once again, thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. Hope you continue to enjoy the Dhan experience!


Couple of more feedbacks -

  1. “Forever” is currently designed for investing only. This is a very useful tool for trading as well and should be made available for trading in F&O wth an option of placing dual orders for open positions where one order cancels other. Meaning that I should be able to place Target and Stoploss in the same “Forever” order and when either of the two gets triggered, the other gets cancelled.
  2. Basket Order is also currently designed for Investing only. This should be extended to include trading in F&O and combined Margin should be displayed in each basket for better planning and execution of orders.

We will introducing something on these lines soon, which will ensure your get a better experience on any of the strategies you are putting up - for same day or even long term. Valid feedback, agreed.

Thank you for sharing.

One must have feature for F&O Position tracking. Ideally should have been in from first day but nevertheless.

Currently, all my positions in derivatives show today’s P&L only (i.e. today’s price minus yesterday’s closing price). It does not provide overall P&L (i.e. today’s price minus bought/sold price). I have few contracts bought three days back and still holding but do not have ready P&L on the app as I get today’s P&L only.

While I have already raised this with the support team, I am including this here for consolidated tracking.

Below is the current position of my trade. It is showing P&L for the day but not able to show overall P&L for each position. I am actually in loss in every position but not able to see that right now. This is what I mentioned in yesterday’s post above.

Hey @nity, we are working on it and we already have the feature in the pipeline. We will let you know once it’s implemented. Thank you for the valuable feedback. :slight_smile:

@shraddha I will close all my positions @ Dhan for now and will resume trading again @Dhan once all above requested features are made available.

@PravinJ as a follow-up, when can we expect forever orders on the sell side as well? Something like the OCO orders that other brokers provide.

I typically take positional trades in the equity cash segment, with a predefined stop loss below the support levels on charts. For my use case, I need forever SL orders.

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Hi @Rajiv, sure we will evaluate how we can make this simpler.

Previously I have used personally the flow on a POA (Power of Attorney) where the TPIN is not required, nothing that match that level. But considering the regulatory oversight that now requires a EDIS validation - we will have to bring at as close to that as possible.

For intra-day stop loss orders, it is seamless :slight_smile: best possible experience :slight_smile:

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How trade & manage position from chart works?

hi @Karan4999 - it is enabled with both TradingView charts and ChartIQ. You can try the same. Quickly - you can view your P&L, Positions, Market Depth and Orders from charts itself.

@PravinJ I understand the issues with OCO stop loss orders on positional trades. Until you figure out the best way to do this, can you consider an alerts feature atleast, so that I can manually go and close out my loss-making positions?

Personally, The lack of a SL on positional stock trades is pretty much the biggest barrier for me to trade on Dhan at the moment.

Hi @Rajiv - took some time to respond to this, but wanted to make sure we have a solution before I comment.

We have added option to add a Stop Loss on every open position you take on Dhan now. Simply tap on the Open Position and if the order is a naked position, we will prompt you to add a Stop Loss. This is now available to all users, we will observe usage and behaviour and announce this soon.

Thank you for valid feedback, helps us build Dhan to match our user’s expectations.

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That’s great news, @PravinJ . Let me try this out.

Well, The position at Dhan shows I am having good MTM profit, but reality is due to erroneous Average price on part of Dhan,

My selling price is 403.05 and hence I am having MTM loss, but if I don’t keep track of my prices separately outside Dhan I would have already booked out assuming I am in profit.

Thanks for highlighting. We have resolved it. Can you please check and confirm ?

It’s resolved. But why are these issues cropping up?

What’s the update on my request, @shraddha ?