New Feature Announcement : Price Alerts

Feedback from our early users has been very valuable for us as it gave us a chance to make the Dhan experience better everyday as we worked towards moving from early access to the public release of Dhan last week.

Many of our beta users had one frequent request from users throughout our journey, which was the important missing block for both investors and traders - Price Alerts. We have today, released the same. Price Alerts are now available across all platforms - Android, iOS and Web.

We even went a step further to provide more value to our users by enhancing the price alerts feature. Happy to introduce you all: Active Price Alerts.

What are Active Price Alerts?
Active price alerts will be live in the system until the desired price doesn’t get triggered.
You will receive a push notification once the scrip you have set the alert for reaches your desired target price. Don’t worry, this will also be available in your Notifications Center in case you missed it.

What’s more?
You can even set price alerts by percentage change in the scrips.

We’ve seen investors use it to wait for the perfect price to buy or pricey enough to finally sell. We’ve seen traders use it to wait for the breakout price, set Stop Loss or the Target.

In fact, in our discussions with super traders, they wanted to use price alerts so much that we really did not want to restrict them at all - which is why we are launching with possibly highest number of alerts in industry - on Dhan you can track 250 active price alerts.
Request you to please update your app to avail this feature.

Go have fun, set price alerts the way you want it - through price or percentage.

And you know what’s the best way to use this - try it along while you have activated the Price Movements in Watchlist. Tracking price and price movements of your favorite stocks together - you will love this :slight_smile:

Do let us know your thoughts on this feature.

Product Team


More triggers such as close price, moving average, day high, etc would be much appreciated.

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Thanks for your feedback. We are working on similar lines, will be updating to our community members shortly. :grinning:

Happy to share with you that we released our newest feature : Technicals & Technical orders.
Track moving averages for every scrip under the “Technicals” section. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
In addition, you will be able to check the price movements of each scrip in real time. And the best part, you can directly place your order from the same page itself.
Looking forward to hear on your experience of this feature. :grin:

Read more : Technicals & Technical Orders on Dhan

Kindly add order triggers based on technicals as well.

Something exciting is in works! Will let you know once we release it :smile:

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can we have option to place alerts on charts

@RahulDeshpande wish there is a alert for max profit gained / max loss during the day… in Dhan terms alerts on (Today’s High crossing the old Today’s High and Today’s low crossing the old Today’s low)
logic is similar to your live market screener. This i call it as the industry first feature in price alerts.

No of orders placed : Collect the users max trades per day (custom input) and trigger once their trades cross the said limit … like for instance i as a scalper i dont want to trade more than 100 trades per day (buy sell together 200) so i set it as a preference in my profile page and later i enable the alert. if it cross then i get the alert.

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This is surely a good idea @Shylaja. Will surely evaluate this, if we can build it.

But i am curious to know, if multiple alerts are set up for multiple positions, won’t it hamper your whole trading experience, especially for mobile, as you can receive multiple notifications, which in turn can confuse you.

@RahulDeshpande , I would have agreed to your words if we are in a manual trading era. now with Algo Definitely alerts are not confusing as we are used to receiving alerts more than 20 per minute.

Only thing that you can help traders not to get confused is by creating a category header (so called Menu header)

like Price alerts, High Low alerts, Buy Sell alerts, Max Gain alerts etc…

Hey @RupeeGym,

Currently we do not have such an option but we will evaluate your request. Thank you for the suggestion!

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Hey Team,

Can you incorporate Net P&L alert plz…

Like for day traders if there is atleast one trade taken during the day p&l alert to trigger at customizable time say every 15 min or every 2 min or 1 hour.

For investors
If any open position exists trigger p&l alert at day begining and day end
On close of any position p&l alert upon close

Hi @Shylaja ,

I am glad to say that we are in the process of revamping the alerts experience across the platforms. Have noted your suggestions as well, will surely evaluate to incorporate if we can inculcate it in our roadmap :+1:

बकवास… सेट केल्यानुसार प्राईज आल्यावर अलर्टचं नोटिफिकेशन स्क्रीनवर दिसतही नाही आणि आवाजही येत नाही.
तुम्ही लोकं नवे-नवे प्रोडक्ट आणण्यापेक्षा तुमच्या सिस्टिमचे आधीचे जे प्रोब्लेम्स / ड्रॉबॅक्स आहेत ते सुधारण्यावर लक्ष द्या नाहीतर तुमच्याकडे पण एक ना धड भाराभर चिंध्या ही अवस्था होईल. :pray:

Is it possible in future dhan can increase the number of price alert more than 250 ?

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Yes, we will consider that.

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One more thing I wanted to share my thoughts regarding price alerts.

If it is possible to create a note with it. For what reason you are setting up a price alert! This way it will be easier to use price alerts for which trade set up !

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And secondly

It would be nice if we get a price alert on sms or email like sharekhan provides.

It’s not possible to sit infront of system all the time we may be busy somewhere else so in this way there is very less chance to miss the price alerts.


Please make possible to create note along with alert so that ,we don’t have to remember for which order alert has been placed

Sure, made a note of this.

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