New indices Feature Data wipe out

When we open any Script using indices option at first it will show the price and all but if we again open indices and open another script then the previous opened script data gets wiped out please look into it. we have to refresh to whole screen to get the details again.

and Please also check the speed of the DhanTV its too slow mostly at the time i am posting this around 10PM.

I am also sharing my screen recording for reference.

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Thanks @Nitinjawla

That’s odd. Will check this one.

Hi @PravinJ Sir,

I want to add1 More Point in this as I have used this feature when market is open and at that time its works fine as the price changes it will start reflecting but when i try to use this when market is closed only then this happens and all the details gets wiped out. Hope you will work on it to fix that.

Hi @Nitinjawla

We have identified the root-cause for this. Will be resolved in coming few days when we push the next release.