NEW LAYOUT chart Tradingview

can we have a new layout option to save a chart same as tradingview.helps in having multiple layouts without having to make a copy of previous one and change.

Hi @karma ,

Could you please share the screenshot of the new layout as it will help in better understanding of you request.


Plz see if this can be incorporated into the web…


Thanks for sharing @Shylaja , we will surely explore and evaluate.

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I am also waiting. But you can achieve this with vivaldi browser. See multiple charts on one window for free - vivaldi browser for share market trading - tradingview - YouTube


@dhantrade ,

Yes, I use it not only on Desktop but also on Mobile!

It’s the browser made for retail traders who doesn’t have paid TV subscription.

It’s been quite a while now, no compromise on security and performance compared to Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome. You can get the security test done on

Much recommended!


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