Notification Center

Dear Team,

Could you plz check if you can reduce the font on this so that it gets wrapped inside the layout.

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Hi @Shylaja,

Thanks for your feedback about the Dhan app.

We will continue to improve the experience, and also made a note of your suggestion to improve the font size & visibility of the app experience.

@Kiran ,

I was trying to reconcile the Notification and it was quite hard for me to since notification message in the Notification Centre and the Notification drawer does not match (in terms of information provided & not the values)

would be great if both the messages read the same in Notification Centre and the Notification drawer.

in the above snap of Notification drawer could you plz customize the message to include total price and time (including seconds) if permits plz add intraday or investment too… and ensure same message is mentioned in the below snap too.

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Hi @Shylaja,

Thanks for your feedback about the notification. We have acknowledged it. We’ll surely improve the notification experience by adding the requested details. For Intraday & investment tagging we’ll ponder on it, Also, will keep you posted when we ship this.

Hello @Kiran ,

Thanks and request you to plz fix the font size issue in the below part of the app too. looks like dpi index is not being used and direct font size is used hence compatibility issue found on my MI and vivo android phones.


Hi @Shylaja,

Sure, I’ll get this fixed. Keep sharing feedback, you had shared earlier as well and that helps us improve our product experience.

Thanks for using Dhan!


Happy to be part of Dhan only because of this. There are ears for our voices.

Here is another request…

Can you plz do the number formatting for all the vlaues instead on the last column.

On the previous basket order layout issue. Can you make it 6 recyclers to be visible in one screen.

Also the margin requirement layer should be on top of all. So that recycler layer goes underneath, the margin layer. Margin amout is visible all the time.



Thanks for your detailed note and illustrations to help us understand your feedback/suggestions better. We will work on this to improve the experience of the option chain & basket, we have added all your request to our product roadmap.

Once again thanks for using Dhan!