Notification sound on execution of order

hello Dhan there is no such feature in Dhan app or web when we get notification for execution of any order it is only visible when the app is open as in Zerodha we get notification immediately after execution of order in Dhan app we can see notification when app is open not when the screen of the phone is off

Hi @tradewithgreymatter Welcome to Dhan community.

We keep sending notifications for executed orders on both Apps - Dhan & Options Trader & Web too. For app, ensure that your app is running in background (not killed) + app specific notifications are not disabled for Dhan.

In my case, all notification settings are ON, app is active, not killed. And Iā€™m getting those news alerts etc. But just now I placed 4 orders and they got executed soon but not a single notification received for the same.

Please look into it.

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