Now Live: View Returns by % XIRR & % CAGR on your invested Stocks & ETFs

In our constant endeavors to improve product experience, we are building and shipping updates faster. Some of these may be small, yet significant features to help our users get a better understanding of how their investments & portfolio are performing.

As much as data is important, crucial information should be available to the users at all times. Following this, we are happy to introduce new updates to Dhan.

View % XIRR & % CAGR Returns:

Track the performance of your invested Stocks or ETFs returns from a single screen. The choice is yours, you can choose to check your investments in XIRR or CAGR.

Quick note what are XIRR and CAGR, if you don’t know.

XIRR: If you invest in a fixed deposit, you know how much return you are going to get after the due date. But things change, if you do SIPs in stocks or ETFs since the time period of investing in it is not on a particular date but over a series of installments and calculating the rate of return for this manner becomes a little tedious.

Through XIRR, you will now get to know the single rate of return when applied to all transactions (investments and redemptions). In case you are not aware, XIRR starts for Extended Internal Rate of Return.

CAGR: Calculated on the basis of your initial investment and the LTP of your invested stock, shown as Compounded Annual Growth Rate or CAGR.

How to enable %returns in Manage Portfolio?

Navigate to the manage portfolio section under your Portfolio on App, and then select Stocks or ETFs depending on what you would like to check. Tap on :gear:Manage and you will get a toggle option to Show % Returns.

We will be coming up with more features for users to help them in making better decisions. Do let us know your feedback and suggestions.

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Is it available on Web?

Hi @sloth, at present only XIRR is available on web. However, we have noted your request and will incorporate in it our product roadmap.

I do not see XIRR in web in Portfolio tab.

If you click the β€˜info’ tab against any stock in your portfolio, you will be able to view XIRR in the portfolio holdings section. Hope this helps!